03/18/2014 - New Music Videos! Modern Dance and a Car Ride…

We decided to drop two instead of one single, so that’s why we’re also dropping two videos instead of one. The videos are meant to be watched in a loop. One’s ending is the other’s beginning.

For Mainstream Lover I asked choreographer and dancer Stein Fluijt (member of Conny Janssen Danst) to make a duet. To become a better lover you need to let love in first. Or like the Beatles once sang: “Remember, to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better”. The duet shows a man who meets a part of himself. First from a distance, then they run into eachother and in the end the even make contact. The counterpart is danced by an equally beautifull dancer: Jean Gabriel Maury, a dancer at Scapino Ballet.

Lovemakers Heartbreakers shows a relationship in one car ride. The couple goes through very common aspects of a relationship. Actors Stein Fluijt and Mara Hulspas feel distance, anger, love and are still drawn towards eachother.

The videos were directed and shot by the Boje Ploeg, also an amazing photographer! I hope you like the videos, share them If you like!

Thank you very much: Styling – Michelle Bauer // Make-up and Hair – Guido Rieger (Mainstream Lover) and Pasquale Lombardi (Lovemakers Heartbreakers) // Dancer/Choreographer/Actor – Stein Fluijt // Dancer – Jean Gabriel Maury // Actor – Mara Hulspas and of course Boje Ploeg!


03/15/2014 - April 12th Ming’s Pretty Heroes at Paradiso Amsterdam

Dear all! April 12th Ming’s Pretty Heroes will play at the Kleine Zaal in Paradiso Amsterdam. Would be lovely to see you there! And please bring friends and fam, all support is very very welcome!


ENTREE 10,- EXCL. LIDMAATSCHAP (3,50 P.M. / 25,- P.J.)


03/14/2014 - Opening Exhibition Roots and Bones Feat. at Groos Rotterdam

Last week Exhibition Roots and Bones Feat. was opened. Throughout the rest of march you can check out this special exhibition in Groos Rotterdam for free! The exhibition features work from artists: Sylvia Alonso, Stroke a Bird, Armando Branco, Hennys Creatie, Daisy Komen, K-TIJN, Hanneke van Leeuwen, Barry Marré, La Nonette, Ellen Rooijakkers, Koen Steger and Marlou Verheijden.

What is Roots and Bones feat.?

Well… I love music. However, it is not my only love. More than once I’ve fallen for an illustration, fashion item, photograph or painting. Somewhere during the process of making the album Roots and Bones I came up with the idea of making a magazine as an extension of the music. Together with my close friend and photographer Barry MarrĂ©, I asked twelve artists to become part of Roots and Bones Feat. I wanted artists from different disciplines to create an image inspired by one of my songs. I thought it would be fascinating to see how artists would interpret what were once just figments of my imagination and translate these into tangible images.

And fascinating it was. I specially selected a song for each artist and they got to work. The result: twelve very diverse works of art. Roots and Bones inspired dreamy and detailed illustrations, expressionist paintings, raw photographs and more. We asked the artists to write a short description of their work to give us some insight into what triggered their creative minds. Creativity cannot be fully explained, however…

Roots and Bones Feat. artmagazine is available for 7,50 Euro’s. If you like a copy please send een email to magazine@mingsprettyheroes.com.

to get the full experience, we encourage you to listen to the music, dive into the lyrics and study the works! Enjoy Roots and Bones Feat.


03/10/2014 - Lovemakers Heartbreakers and Bones Live at RTV Rijnmond!


03/04/2014 - Thank you for the beautiful evening! #rootsandbonesreleaseparty

Sunday march 2nd Ming’s Pretty Heroes released new album Roots and Bones. All went really well! More pictures/reviews/quotes soon. THNX All! x